We are pleased to announce that we have raised seed funding from venture capital First Cheque, Rohit MA of Cloudnine Hospitals, PointOne Capital, and many others. Its an important milestone in our journey towards simplifying healthcare for the common man. In addition to being energized by what lies ahead, we are also grateful at reaching this milestone and proud of what our team has accomplished.

How it all began?

The idea of ConnectedH traces its root back to the experience of its co-founder Shubham Gupta. “ConnectedH was the outcome of a personal experience. I was hospitalized due to a UTI and had to visit doctors every week for almost two years after, waiting for hours at the reception for just 5 minutes of facetime. It was an endless cycle of repeating my medical history with no one having the time to go through it either. While I could solve the issue by collating my data with excel, I realized how others would be undergoing the same issue”, recalls Shubham.

Suresh Singh, Co-Founder, ConnectedH added, “Shubham’s experience exposed us to the horrors of unorganized healthcare data and brought back similar memories in my family. While the solution was very apparent, the starting point wasn’t so. We had to figure out the right value proposition for various stakeholders. After shadowing multiple doctors, diagnostic center owners, and hospital owners for more than 6 months to identify their pain points and possible solutions, we finally zeroed down on the diagnostics space. Our digital ecosystem offerings enable the creation of an organized diagnostic history of patients, while helping diagnostic centers exceed customer expectations, and increase their business, improve operations, and deliver better margins.”

What our investors have to say?

In addition to First Cheque, Rohit MA of Cloudnine Hospitals, PointOne Capital, other investors in the funding round include: Ajeet Singh Kushwaha (Founder, Seekify);  Ankur Pahwa (Partner, E&Y); Anurag Mehrotra (President & MD, Ford India); Bharanidharan Viswanathan & Nitin Mathur (Founders of 91mobiles); Harsh Pokharna and Gaurav Kumar (Co-Founders, Okcredit); Kishore Ganji; Kunal Khatter (Managing Director, AdvantEdge in personal capacity); Sprout Investments; Umang Kumar (Founder, Gaadi.com); and Vivek Shah (MD, Investment Banking, Haitong).

“At a time when India’s healthcare system is already overburdened, ConnectedH has come up with a solution that can become a gamechanger in the area of digitizing health records. Single-point access to all healthcare data will not only enable diagnostic centers to become more organized but also improve health outcomes. We hope to see ConnectedH expanding the scope of their coverage with this funding.”

-          Kushal Bhagia, First Cheque

“Suresh, Shubham, and Rahul have set out to solve a very pertinent issue in our country’s healthcare wherein unorganized primary medical data has been a major issue for years. They have identified an approach which can be easily scaled to touch the lives of millions of consumers across the value chain and in a short time, have already demonstrated the ability to organize diagnostic records of over 10% of Delhi population while creating genuine value and engagement for their diagnostic partners.”

-          Rohit M A, Co-founder and Managing Director of Cloudnine Group of                  Hospitals

“We are very happy to support a health-tech startup like ConnectedH, which aims to solve a pertinent problem facing the healthcare sector today. Incorrect and unorganized information is a major cause of misdiagnosis in a majority of health cases. By offering a tech-based solution for collating all this healthcare data at one point, ConnectedH will enable improve health outcomes for patients while also increasing ROI for diagnostic centers.”

-          Archana Priyadarshini Point One Capital

The journey so far!!

Before this funding, ConnectedH raised its first smaller seed round from the top management of CarDekho including Avinash Kumar (Founder, Credenc). We have grown by leaps and bounds since then. With over 50 diagnostic partners, 1.6 millions patients, and 4 million health records.

Miles to go!

The funding will be used to expand the brand’s geographical presence and integrate it deeper into the diagnostics ecosystem. It will also be used to widen their value offerings for diagnostic centres thereby making them a one-stop solution for all their marketing and other needs.

In alignment with the recent announcement of the government’s National Digital Health Mission, the brand will continue its work towards creating a connected healthcare ecosystem where patients have complete control and 24x7 anywhere access to their organized medical information across various stakeholders including diagnostic centers, doctors, hospitals, etc.

The journey has been exhilarating so far and we feel energized by what lies ahead. Ready to take big strides forward.