Technology Adoption is going to be a game-changer in Healthcare Sector

Falling ill was always a bit of bother to me. Not because of the various pills I had to swallow (I did that too, for few years), it was due to the dread I felt every-time I had to visit doctor & get tested. Every Saturday, I went to doctor's clinic, and write my name with the attendant who was undoubtedly the most important person there. He could get you in the doors in minutes or if you run afoul of him - in hours. Nevertheless, doctor's chambers is not where you would imagine spending your Sundays at. I generally went into the chambers after a wait of 3-4 hours to get 5 minutes with him. Every such session undoubtedly turned into an elevator pitch. You want your doctor familiar with your history. But, how does that happen when they have to see few hundred patients every single day. It's just not possible.

The day doesn't get over though with the visit. I usually came out of the chambers with my prescription (few tests, few medicines & lots of advice). Next stop was finding the nearest diagnostic center to get those urine & blood tests done. Never a bright prospect to once again go through the waiting chambers of the center. No rest for the wicked though. I still needed fresh course of medicines. I generally started to feel lighter around this time. A bout of fresh orange juice really did help.

All of this was tiring and usually took better half of the weekend. After having a late lunch, used to rush back to the diagnostic center to get my hard-copies of reports and then again take appointment on Monday to show the reports to the doctor. That generally happened quickly (I got to skip lines to show reports :) )

48 hours!

That's how much it took to go through the to & fro. During COVID-19 pandemic era, this could easily be a delay of life & death.

We need Superheroes!

After-all, they save lives!

At ConnectedH, We heard hundreds of such stories every week. To that effect, We built ConnectMD for doctors. ConnectMD enables doctors to maintain digital repository of patients. One simple app enables you to cut down multiple visits to diagnostic centers & doctors for getting tested, collecting reports & then write follow-up prescription. All of that happens with a few clicks now.

Creating a virtual lab within doctor's clinic

It's like a virtual lab setup within the doctor's clinic. This saves a lot of hassles for patients and also reduces the TAT for doctor to view the reports as soon as possible.

Healthcare needs to be hassle-free. The experience needs to be more inclusive & holistic. By turning each doctor clinic into a virtual lab, we can drastically reduce the hassles faced by patients.

For doctors, this is a win-win situation as well. They would get access to patient reports in a digitised fashion instantly allowing them to deliver care much faster. For participating labs, this provides them access to point of care within doctor's clinic. It allows them to work with doctors to provide a 360 degree care for patients.

Check out ConnectMD and let us know what you think!

Meanwhile, We organized our first-of-its-kind webinar with our diagnostic partner. Do watch the highlights and visit our youtube channel for full video.