Indian diagnostics space has undergone rapid transformation in recent years. With the increased presence of large diagnostic chains such as Dr. Lal, SRL, Metropolis, the sector has become more consumer centric. Quality of service has become more important than ever and diagnostic centres cannot afford to compromise on customer experience.

Among the important pillars of delivering a great customer experience is lead management. Effective lead management has the potential of improving the repeat ratio by leaps and bounds. The scope of improving repeat ratio is especially huge for small diagnostic centre owners which have these numbers as low as 5%. Compared to it large diagnostic chains have it as high as 50%.

Every lead lost is a potential revenue foregone. There are many reasons why smaller diagnostic centres are unable to manage their leads. Major reason being there is no proper operating procedure setup to handle leads. Lead management is done impromptu and is left at the discretion of the people at the reception who answer customer calls.

Moreover the staff is not professionally trained for customer service and handling leads. This causes issues such as unable to call back on missed calls, non-timely follow-ups, not answering queries raised on websites and other platforms. There can be miscommunication between lab staff and the patient which can cause unnecessary waiting during the patient’s visit.

A good lead management software can help mitigate these issues. First and foremost it should be able to capture all the leads and not miss out on any leads. The person handling the leads should be informed immediately whenever a new lead is generated.

Sorting of leads is also an important aspect. Those whose follow-ups or visit is scheduled earlier must be easily identifiable from other leads. Apart from prioritizing important leads it should also be able to filter out junk leads or spam which prevents waste of efforts.

It should also have seamless integration with the lab’s LIS, ability to make calls, and send important communications to patients. All the necessary information which a patient may inquire should be available to the person handling such leads at the click of a button.

If it can provide insights into how many leads were lost due to a particular reason, and what percentages of leads got converted via different channels. Then it can help centres change their strategy accordingly. For example one can notice that conversion for whatsapp leads is higher than SMS leads. So, they can push for communication via whatsapp wherever possible.

Large diagnostic players have a dedicated team and lead management softwares that ensures that once a lead is generated they don’t lose out on it. With continuously increasing competition in the diagnostics space it becomes more so important to effectively manage leads.

ConnectedH’s Lead Manager can help smaller diagnostic centres to manage leads as efficiently as these larger players with very little effort. Our “lead manager” captures each and every lead generated at every touchpoint. All of these can be viewed on a single dashboard as shown:

There is a one click call option available to easily call and reach out to potential patients.

Actions button has the following four options:

  • Note: add a custom note to the lead
  • Schedule visit: book a visit at a particular time & date with details of tests
  • Price Enquiry: to indicate that the patient contacted to know the prices
  • Follow Up: sets a reminder to contact the patient

These allow the admin to:

  • Junk: Marks lead as junk and no further action is taken on such leads
  • Converted: Use to mark leads which have gone ahead and conducted test at the centre
  • Lost:  The lead could not be converted due to some reason
  • Phone: Used to call the patient
  • SMS: Sends important info like direction, address, or custom text as SMS to the patient

Clicking on any leads one can view the whole set of interactions with the patient:

Our lead manager integrates well with all major LIS and hence the test menu can directly be accessed from it. “Schedule a visit” action can help allocate a time and the tests to be done at the click of a button.

Apart from these, for each of these items there is a SMS being sent to the admin of the lab and the person handling the leads. SMS and reminders are also sent when there is a time to follow-up or there is an upcoming visit.

Thus with our lead manager ensures that your diagnostic centre handles leads as smoothly as possible without affecting your overall operations. In case your centre does not have a dedicated staff to handle such leads, we also provide you with a facility to manage your leads on your behalf by our agents.